The Drovers Inn, Loch Lomond's Most Haunted Pub

Strange and ghostly things happen at The Drovers Inn near Loch Lommond, CHRISTINE MILLER heads there to find out what’s going on… The Drovers Inn, not far from Loch Lomond in Inverarnan, Stirlingshire, Scotland, has stood for over 300 years. It has provided a welcome drink and a comfy bed for thousands of weary travellers, cattle drovers (from where it gets its name) and the vast number of tourists who come to walk the stunning West Highland Way. The Drovers Inn is impossible to miss with its

5 Haunted Haworth Pubs In West Yorkshire

CHRISTINE MILLER heads to West Yorkshire to discover the ghosts and hauntings of 5 Haworth pubs Stories of hauntings in Haworth Old Hall have been rife for generations. One particular story attached to the pub is that of two workmen being terrified out of their wits during a 1992 renovation when they saw the ghost of a man staring at them. Could this be the same man who has been seen in a long coat and hat which has been seen for years before this? Many staff members have reported various st

Haworth: Five Haunted Places To Visit

Haworth in West Yorkshire is full of ghosts and hauntings, says CHRISTINE MILLER ‘Besides this earth, and besides the race of men, there is an invisible world and a kingdom of spirits; that world is around us for it is everywhere’. Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre Haworth’s graveyard is eerie, imposing and simply breathtaking in its gothic beauty. There are believed to be up to 40,000 bodies lying below ground, and some graves are as many as 10 bodies deep. Some bodies do not stay beneath ground ho

The Inverkip Witch Trials

Witcht trials swept Scotland in the 17th century and the tiny village of Inverkip was not immune, says CHRISTINE MILLER Inverkip is a small, unassuming village in the heart of Inverclyde, and within the historic county of Renfrewshire. Appearances are deceptive, however, as from 1640 to 1690, the village was a hotbed for a large number of witchcraft accusations, almost all of those targeted were women. The societal climate of the day was domineeringly patriarchal, and thus it is of little surp

Carrickfergus: 5 Haunted Places To Visit

Carrickfergus, just outside Belfast, is one of Northern Ireland’s most historic and haunted places to visit, says CHRISTINE MILLER The town of Carrickfergus has stood since at least 1170, with the famous Carrickfergus Castle being built for use as a strategic operational base shortly after in 1177. While it is widely known that the castle is home to the odd spirit or two, there are a few more spooky locations for the paranormal enthusiast to visit in this historical town. Let’s look firstly a

Elliott O'Donnell - Was He A Legitmate Ghosthunter Or Fake?

Elliott O’Donnell is known as one of history’s greatest ghosthunters – or was he just a paranormal embellisher, says CHRISTINE MILLER Even in death, O’Donnell continues to be a contentious figure in the paranormal world. Born in Bristol in 1872, O’Donnell became fascinated by ghosts at a young age after an alleged paranormal experience when he was a child. As a young adult, he began writing ghost stories before progressing onto paranormal investigations. There have been numerous reports that

Derry/Londonderry: 5 Haunted Places To Visit

CHRISTINE MILLER takes us to Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland to reveal its spookiest ghosts and hauntings This Derry/Londonderry building has quite a number of spooky tales attached to it, one of them being the supposed appearance of a woman dressed entirely in black, who stands on the staircase, accompanied by a small child. They have been momentarily witnessed by workmen, only to disappear into thin air mere seconds later. Could this spectral woman be responsible for violent attacks?

Armagh: 5 Haunted Places To Visit

CHRISTINE MILLER seeks out the most haunted and ghostly places to visit in around Armagh in Northern Ireland In 2017, a woman was terrified to learn that her car dashcam had recorded something decidedly spooky in the city of Armagh. In the footage a figure fitted in Georgian attire can clearly be seen walking across the road only to disappear into the wall of the Church of Ireland Cathedral. You can watch the ghost footage here. Could this be the ghost of ‘the green lady’ having taken anothe

Derek Acorah's 5 Most Outrageous Television Moments

Derek Acorah was Britian’s most colourful and entertaining psychic medium. CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at his most entertaining moments. The late Derek Acorah was undoubtedly Britain’s most famous self-proclaimed medium. He divided opinion from the very offset among Most Haunted viewers, some believing in his paranormal experiences of mediumship and possession, while others considered him to be an out-and-out fraud. We may never truly know as, sadly, Acorah passed away earlier this year at th

Ghosts BBC Series 1 (2019) Episode Guide

Ghosts BBC Series 1 (2019): CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at the episodes and characters of this spooky TV comedy. Ghosts is a hugely successful British television series comedy which first aired on BBC One in April 2019, which was written and performed by many of the actors of the hugely popular children’s series Horrible Histories. The show revolves around a young couple, Mike and Alison, who are in equal measure surprised and delighted to discover they have inherited the crumbling yet beaut

Bodmin Jail's Ghosts And Other Scary Souls

Bodmin Jail in Cornwall has a long, dark history, which has lead to the building being overwhelmed with ghost sightings. CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at the ghosts of the prison. Bodmin Jail in Cornwall lies on the very edge of Bodmin Moor, with the first prison on this site having been built in 1779. Due to overcrowding however, the jail had to undergo several extensions and by 1861 a completely new building stood in the original’s place. Some 55 state-authorised hangings were carried out he

Is The Avebury Red Lion Pub, The Most Haunted Pub Ever?

The Avebury Red Lion pub in Wiltshire connects with ancient stone circles – is it any wonder it’s been named one of the world’s most haunted pubs, says CHRISTINE MILLER Brief History of the Avebury Red Lion Pub The Red Lion pub Avebury has been voted as one of the 10 most haunted pubs….in the world! Perhaps this might have something to do with the fact that it is the only pub (again in the world) to be surrounded by the ancient Avebury Stone Circles which are believed to be more than 4,000 ye

Dorset’s Top 13 Haunted Places To Visit

Dorset is a perfectly spooky place for those looking for things that go bump in the night in England’s south-west. CHRISTINE MILLER takes a look at 13 of Dorset’s most haunted places that you can visit. The Ye Old George Inn is a coaching inn dating all the way back to the 14th century, and one gruesome story attached to the building is that of Margaret Moore, daughter of the then landlord. Margaret fell in love with a Royalist soldier named Rupert, and it wasn’t long until she was with child.

Somerset: 13 Haunted Places To Visit

Somerset, in the South West of England, is a county that boasts more than its fair share of allegedly haunted locations – many of which you can even visit, and some, even stay in, says CHRISTINE MILLER Somerset’s The Plough is said to be home to the spirit of a Spanish traveller who was murdered in the inn by locals believing the man to have a lot of gold. His dark cloak-clad figure has been seen on the stairs where he was killed, and even when the stairs were eventually removed, his phantom fo

Gloucestershire: 13 Haunted Places To Visit

Gloucestershire in England’s South West is home to some truly spooky places – from jails, to pubs, to even an entire village full of ghosts! CHRISTINE MILLER tells us of the county’s 13 most haunted locations. Littledean Jail, once known as the Alcatraz of the Forest, has over 200 years of history. In that time it has served as a courthouse, police station and a jail. There have been all sorts of paranormal reports here – from disembodied footsteps, ghostly shadows to slamming doors, the jail

Avebury Stone Circles And Their Ancient Mysteries

The Avebury Stone Circles are said to be home to quite the amount of paranormal activity, and there is even one case of an unnerving time slip! CHRISTINE MILLER tells us more… The pretty little village of Avebury sits snuggly in the Wiltshire Downs close to Marlborough – the most ancient borough in the whole of England. It is home to a Neolithic stone circle – there are three to be precise, two smaller circles sit inside the Great Circle – the largest in the world. The circle was erected betwe

England’s 5 Most Lethal Hangmen

Hanging as capital punishment was abolished in England in 1969. CHRISTINE MILLER looks at five hangmen with the most notches on their nooses. “The death penalty never once acted as a deterrent in all the jobs I carried out. And I have executed more people than anyone this century” – Albert Pierrepoint. England has quite the history of capital punishment. In an address to the House of Commons in 1810, the former Solicitor General, Sir Samuel Romilly stated: “There is no country in the face of

Woodchester Mansion, A Haunted House Untouched By Time

The largely unfinished yet splendidly impressive Woodchester Mansion is a building untouched by time, but not untouched by ghosts it would seem! CHRISTINE MILLER tells us about the secrets behind this spooky architectural wonder. Built in the gothic revival style, the Grade I listed mansion near Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, was designed by Benjamin Bucknall, a young architect from nearby Rodborough. The building has the distinct appeal of being almost completely unharmed by time. It might be b

Chambercombe Manor's Dark And Grisly Secrets

Chambercombe Manor in Devon has a history that has left many ghostly imprints, says CHRISTINE MILLER Chambercombe Manor located near Ilfracombe, Devon, dates the whole way back to the 11th century, having featured in the Doomsday book and incredibly, many of the original features of the house still remain while the rest has been wonderfully restored thanks to the dedication of the trust that owns it. The house boasts an eerie secret chamber that was uncovered in 1865. The then tenant of Chambe

Blithe Spirit 1945 REVIEW

Blithe Spirit 1945 was a box office failure when it was first released, but the quintessentially English ghost story is now considered a classic. CHRISTINE MILLER reviews. Blithe Spirit 1945, directed by David Lean, was based on Noel Coward’s play of the same name. Like many now-classics, it flopped, somewhat tremendously, in both the UK and the States upon its release, but its enduring charm and wry wit has made it a firm favourite amongst many today. English author Charles Condomine (Rex Har
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